The Tale Of A Yogi

When I started practicing yoga, a sense of calmness would instill in me, a sense of content, a sense of joy, a sense of peace. Putting these emotions in words is hard. It’s been quite sometime now, that I practice Yoga every day. I push myself every day to do “the perfect asana” and find my peace with it. When I practice Yoga, I overlook everything that’s happening around me, the people, the noises, the distractions all of it fades away, and it’s just me doing what I love the most.

These photographs were shot at Chennakeshava Temple. It had just rained, making all stones wet and slippery.

I stood on this jagged stone, my foot was hurting, my mind was anxious, my heart was nervous, but when I moved my right leg and lifted my hands to do an asana, all the nervousness, the pain, and the anxiety faded away. Suddenly, I felt peaceful, a sense of calmness pervaded my body and my mind. It’s tough to describe what I felt that day, but I know that this is the feeling that I am after.

This photo is a testimony of the fact that I can be a Yogi anywhere, that I can push myself harder, that I can find my peace in the most challenging environments.

Yogi: Pooja Malani

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